The Person

I am Airah Joyce, a licensed nurse and teacher, and an aspiring artist. I usually draw inspirations for my arts and words from nature and others’ perspectives. My heart is filled with so many dreams and aspirations and still working on them.

The Passion

P.S. Made in Love is a product of my passions, dreams, encouragements from the people around me, and an avenue to inspire today’s and next generation. It is in the process of adopting sustainable arts and crafts practices and still on its early phase, but with hopes and prayers and through daily small steps, may it impact others and the nation it belongs to. 

The  Pursuit

I believe that art is more than a way to produce products and pieces. The process itself is therapeutic and healing. Art makes life more colorful and meaningful! It is also a way of bringing hope to those who are in despair and encouragement to those who are down. P.S. Made in Love does not only want to produce. It aims to contribute and uplift lives! 

May you enjoy the time of your stay in my website. I hope it will be of help to you as you explore. Keep in touch!

With much Love,