Don’t Throw Your Old Notebooks (Yet)!

As you can see, I am really an enthusiast and a big supporter of up cycling. Whenever I see people practice it, it makes my heart oh so happy! Year 2019 is a new beginning and the continuation of our previous year, which means, the process of improving, learning, practicing, and unlearning goes on.

Last week, my family and I had our house “general cleaning”. I concentrated in the kitchen and my work room. While cleaning, I realized that there’s really lot of things that are unnecessary and need to be removed from the house. But before throwing those,I thought twice. It has been in my system probably because my mother indirectly taught me of that. You see, I learn by observation and repetition. So, this tickled my brain to list down the up cycling projects I will be doing this year. One is my old notebooks. If you’re interested to make yourself (or others) one, here are the materials you need:

Pages from your old notebook,
(I glued first the pages so that it will be in a pad form.)

old brush that you don’t mind touching glue and
scissors to cut…

card board for the cover,
(I decided to reuse the cover of the same old notebook because I don’t need to measure and cut a new one anymore.)

fabric that you will love to hold and see since you’ll be making your own notebook, and
(This fabric was from my ate Liza. It was, I think, 4 years ago when she commissioned me to revamp the covers of her old Bibles, and told me I can keep the leftovers. Thanks, ate!)

…accents to beautify your product, such as button and strap. Lastly, don’t forget a needle. You’ll need this to make sure the button is sturdily attached to the strap.

For the procedures, it is just easy (I hope so, for you.).

Lay out the fabric and card board on a flat surface, preferably a table, to visualize how you’re going to adhere the fabric to the board.
Use the brush to evenly spread the glue. This is the secret to a smooth adhesion especially with papers.
Then, glue the remaining fabric to the board. This is how it will look like. Afterwards, glue the bundle of papers and wait until it is dry.
While waiting, prepare the strap. Sew the button to the strap so that it won’t mind the repetitive removal of the lock in the future.

After the cover is dried, sew the button on the middle right side of the note book and wrap around the strap. At the end, make a loop. It will serve as its lock,

And voila! You will have your new notebook without buying. Here’s my finished product.

I named this “Sunshiny” because I’ll use this in recording happy thoughts and beautiful memories this 2019.

Lastly, always keep in mind, “LESS IS MORE”. You do not have to buy new materials for your up cycling projects. You just have to be resourceful. I hope this post is of help to you.

With much love,


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