Lessons from Another First

Last December 1, 2018, Saturday, P.S. Made in Love had its another first. It joined a bazaar — a modest one, attended by a handful of lovely people in search of Christmas presents or purely in want of supporting local small enterprises and artists.

I enjoyed and learned from my first experience of joining this kind of activity. Simple as it may seem, yet, it is still meaningful. Here are some of my realizations:

1.Show up and be present. I would never know the outcome until I make the first small step. No one knows what will happen next but trying will lead you to knowing the outcome.

2.Be friends with other artists. A famous adage states, “No man is an island” and so as to the world of art. I am an introvert and a shy person, but I have to get out of my shell and be friends with them. Who knows, maybe collaboration will sprout. During the bazaar, I met a crocheter named Chaser (You may follow her through her instagram.). I was really in awe how tedious her craft is. It is full of dedication and passion, time-consuming as well.

3.Two heads are better than one. P.S. Made in love is composed of a one person with full-time job from Mondays to Fridays, 8-working hours (sometimes 12!). She researches the ideas, conceptualizes the designs, executes it, and market and promotes the services and products. (By the way, that’s me.) I must say it is draining. There are times I would cry at night after work because of exhaustion, but then, I will remind myself that I want and need to give this a try. Thanks be to God, my mother accompanied me the whole day (Thanks, ma!). I did not ask her to but she volunteered. She gave suggestions and helped me in arranging my art pieces. Most of the time, talks to the customers. (Thank you, Lord, for my mother!)

4.Preparation is (one of) the key(s). I always tell my students that preparation is one of the keys to achieving their desired goal, and that backfired to me while doing this. I have a lot of lapses for this bazaar. I know that I was not really able to give my 100% here, but I have learned my lessons. When joining bazaars, one must make sure she or he has enough stocks of the products up for sale. Make an inventory of all the products and account the sales properly. Also, take consideration of the booth’s set up of the booth. It should be interesting and attractive to possible clients and buyers.

5.A start-up business survives because of the support from the people who trust and believe in you and your craft. Starting a business is not a no-sweat thing, especially id the start-up has a low capital. Support from friends and families is a very important ingredient for it to survive. Their word of mouth is an effective way of marketing the business. (Thriving is another thing.)

Friends and family visited me at the fair, and that made my heart glad.

Meet Japa, my reflection in life’s current course

My grade nine girls and teacher Melody; they made my stay in the bazaar really fun and loud

My ever supportive co-teacher and photographer, Raiza, who really came just to take IG story and photos 😂

Meitoots, who has been my cheerleader in my craziest times and dry spell times

And to my sisters and brother, who has been silently supporting me all the time; love you!

(To the people who cheered me, encouraged me, and prayed for me, thank you. I appreciate it so much.)

6. Know your whys. Business is not a business if it is after selfish gain. Everything one does must be a source of encouragement and help to others. I have learned that it won’t hurt you to share to others what you know. I have been a recipient of talent and skills, who am I to just keep it to myself?

7. “No retreat. No surrender.” I must say, I wasn’t able to gain (yet) a profit by doing this but what I gained are valuable lessons, clearer realizations, and precious relationships that will help me continue and never give up even if the going gets tough.

8. Learn from others. Then, innovate. Learning is a life-long process and it involves endless observation and trials. Inspiration comes through various ways: nature, patterns, other’s arts, daily routines, and others. Then, put yourself in your new art piece.

These are only few among the lessons I gained and the challenges I am about to face, I would never know now. But with my face set like a flint, I am willing to see everything unfold. I am trusting the One who has caused everything to happen, even this!

Until then, I really hope to see you in the next bazaars or fairs I will be attending. May we have the chance to talk and exchange stories with each other.

With much love,


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