First Ever Bazaar

One of the things I am grateful of is those people who have a heart to support local entrepreneurs and aspiring artists. P.S. Made in Love started because of the encouragement of the people who believes in my talents and skills.

This upcoming December (Please check the poster above.), P.S. Made in Love will be joining its first bazaar. Here are some of the items Is will be selling:

Collapsible Cups. These on-the-go cups will contribute to the lessening of disposable containers going to the landfills. What’s good about these, is they are very light-weight and compact. Perfect to those who travels a lot.

Hand-drawn and Hand-painted Cahiers. We are now in digital age, but let use face it, writing your thoughts on a paper has a different impact to your thinking process. It helps you slow down.

Hand-painted coasters. These are perfect gifts for your love ones. Who wouldn’t want to beautify their drinking experience with these colorful pieces?

There will be more art pieces that will be up for grab such as post cards, magnets, accessories, and gift cards. I hope you’ll be able to drop by my booth on the said dates. Also, support the other entrepreneurs in the bazaar by buying their products.

With much love,


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P.S. Made in Love

A Heart Full of Dreams

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