More Than Art of Writing

I have learned calligraphy when there were no Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter yet. I have learned it through my teacher, books, and a lot of practice. I remember, he requires us to make plates of drills and letters using Speedball B and C nibs and Higgins for ink. It was really challenging, because I can still remember the pain when I am about to finish my plate and my second to the last letter will have blot on it. So, I really have to start again. I did not know I am enjoying it.

But then, I had my hiatus from calligraphy, because I was overwhelmed with the cares of a college student usually has — papers, OJT, thesis, exams, and so on. I only reunited with my love for calligraphy only when I needed a rebreather from my suffocating routine. It was and has been my therapy.

I had almost forgotten calligraphy. Seemingly, it is as if just a phase in my student life that I will get past through. But I did not forget. It was there, only needing rekindling. During difficult phases in my life, I found calligraphy as my therapy. I started writing again with simple pens and eventually with my old nib pen and almost dried up ink. I wrote again to keep fighting and recovering myself again.

Indeed, calligraphy was my therapy and will always be. In every strokes, I find relief. In every paper, I find solace. I was able to think in every movement of my hands and arms. It was as if I am gracefully dancing but only, through my hands. I can slow down with my thoughts because it is synchronizing with my hands. Calligraphy is one of the things that helps me cope up and continue.

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Years passed, I started to explore my therapy — calligraphy! I did not stopped writing with ink and on paper. On canvas, wood, cork, or glass, I also wrote words. With paint and brush, I wrote words and drew lines. Calligraphy is indeed more than an art. Through it, I was also able to meet other people, teach young people, and become part of life’s events such as birthday and wedding celebrations. My therapy became a side hustle and a creative pursuit as well.

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Now, I don’t know up to where calligraphy will bring me. But one thing is clear, I will use this in promoting my advocacies and encouragement to others. Truly, “The Earth without ‘Art’ is just ‘Eh.'”

with much love,


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