Creativity + Trash = Art Tool

Arts and crafts has been my favorite subject since time immemorial. It is like my oasis amidst the desert of subjects I have to learn (and master). Until now, as a teacher, arts and crafts is my “soft place to land” at the end of the day. I must say, Arts is really for all ages. Hooray! And one of the things I really like with arts and crafts is that materials in creating your piece are endless! Everything just depends on the person who will execute it.

As I age (Yes, I am accepting it with joy in my heart!), I start to see that it is not enough that you are enjoying things you like, accountability to your actions must be incorporated in to it. Nowadays, garbage disposal is considered a phenomenal and global problem and it is starting to take its toll on us. And as an artist, I really do believe that it can also help raise awareness and contribute to the solution. Always, one step at a time. If every human beings, family, and community will take their “one step”, imagine how many steps it will be! So aside from the 5Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Rot, Refuse), Upcycling is one of the best options! You make art and you contribute in lessening the wastes going to the landfills everyday.

I would be sharing one of my upcycling projects, Cola pens! These pens somehow creates the letters produced by ruling pens, which I must say, a bit expensive. So I come up with this frugal way of making my own pens. These pens are made from canned drinks. hence the name. Here are the materials I used:

  • A can
  • Scissors and a cutter
  • Empty pen
  • Tape

And the easy-peasy steps, here they are!

    1. Gather all the materials needed.
    1. Carefully cut the body of the can. It will look like a thin sheet of metal. (Do not throw the excess part, you can save it for future cola pens you’ll make.)
    1. Make a square by cutting enough size from the thin sheet.
  1. Fold it into half and cut it into your desired tip. Standby the empty pen. I used an empty brush pen.Here are some shapes of pens you can make.
  2. Using a tape, attach it to the tip of the empty pen. Make sure it is well attached so that it won’t come off when writing.
  3. Voila! Ready for use!

Here are some of the calligraphy pieces I made from them:

with much love,


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